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Hello! I am Maddi Klancher, a junior at Brea Olinda High School in Southern California. Throughout my website, I share my passions for Computer Science and school. Over my past three years in the Global IT Academy, I have learned C#, HTML, Javascript, and Flash with a series of interactive projects. You can explore my programs and learn about me as you continue.

Throughout this school year, I have engaged in multiple rigourous courses including AP Calculus AB, AP Physics 1, AP Language and Composition, United States History, Spanish 3, and GITA 3. Yet, I have maintained an unweighted 4.0 and a weighted 4.66 while balancing school with my social life and volunteering. I push myself both academically and physically, striving to be the best I can be. My busy schedule challenges me everyday, but it teaches me how to manage my time while staying organized.

My Future Aspirations: As a student, I hope to maintain an impressive GPA along with an impressive resume. I plan on taking GITA throughout my years in high school, including AP computer science my senior year. I wish to graduate from a competitive university and to work in a field I love, while obtaining a strong and balanced career and traveling around the world. I cannot wait to apply all of the knowledge I will learn in GITA to whatever career field I eventually work in.

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