Hello! I am Maddi Klancher, a sophomore at Brea Olinda High School in Southern California. Throughout my website, I share my passions for Computer Science and school. Over my past two years in the Global IT Academy, I have learned C# and HTML with a series of interactive projects. You can explore my programs and learn about me as you continue.

As a Sophomore

Throughout this school year, I have engaged in multiple rigourous courses including Honors PreCalculus, AP European History, Honors Chemistry, Honors Literature/Composition 2, Spanish 2, and GITA 2. Yet, I have maintained an unweighted 4.0 and a weighted 4.66 while balancing school with my social life and volunteering. I push myself both academically and physically, striving to be the best I can be. My busy schedule challenges me everyday, but it teaches me how to manage my time while staying organized.

Future Aspirations

As a student, I hope to maintain an impressive GPA along with an impressive resume. I plan on taking GITA throughout my years in high school, including AP computer science my senior year. I wish to graduate from a competitive university and to work in a field I love, while obtaining a strong and balanced career and traveling around the world. I cannot wait to apply all of the knowledge I will learn in GITA to whatever career field I eventually work in.

My Projects

Enjoy my webpages and games I have created from scratch in the past year! Each of the following thumbnails represents one program; click on any to explore the screenshot and actual HTML site.

GITA Portfolios

Over the past years in my Computer Science Academy, I have developed various websites to display my projects online. These showcase my growth and how much I have learned. Its amazing to see where I have come after knowing absolutely nothing about coding less than two years ago.


Learn more about the Global IT Academy, Brea Olinda High School, or my work by utilizing the additional sources.